Metrodome urinal troughs for sale, have been disinfected

Would you drink beverages served out of something a million men have peed in?
Would you drink beverages served out of something a million men have peed in?

-- Update at bottom --

For us men, there was something uniquely gross about peeing in the Metrodome troughs, at least when the bathroom was busy.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, you could feel the vibrations of your neighbor burping or farting. Even worse... splashback. We won't elaborate.

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If you'd like to relive those possibly PTSD-triggering memories, now you can take your very own Metrodome urinal trough home! About 15 stainless steel trough segments are being auctioned today on

But you have to act fast, as the sale closes at 5 p.m. (The top bid as we write this is $63; for more info click here.)

The auction organizer, Josh, works for the Savage-based company that did the interior demolition of the Metrodome. (He declined to disclose the company's name.) Reached for comment this morning, Josh assured us the troughs have been thoroughly disinfected.

The auction post says the troughs "Work great for livestock feeders or beverage coolers." Disinfected or not, given that millions of men have urinated in them, we'd be more inclined to use them for the former, to be honest.

We've been told urinal troughs are no longer up to city code. Some establishments still have them (the CC Club, for example), but they've been grandfathered in and new ones can't be installed. We touched base with a city of Minneapolis spokesperson to confirm that but haven't heard back as this is published.

Anyway, if the urinal troughs don't entice you but you're in the market for Metrodome artifacts, Josh says his company also has the Metrodome's teflon roof in its possession. He tells us segments of it might be for sale on K-bid in a couple weeks.

:::: UPDATE ::::

City of Minneapolis spokesman Casper Hill tells us state plumbing code now prohibits urinal troughs of all sorts.

"Those who have them don't have to take them down but we won't permit new ones, nor will we permit them to be taken down and installed somewhere else," he says.

So if you buy one and want to put it to some sort of use, sounds like you'll either have to take it out of state or find a way to convert it into a salad bar or something.

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