Metrodome panel collapses: Damage gets worse

More big trouble. Another hole opened in the Metrodome roof, following Sunday's collapse (above).

More big trouble. Another hole opened in the Metrodome roof, following Sunday's collapse (above).

The Metrodome's Teflon roof, already deflated and defeated from the weekend blizzard, tore open a fourth time yesterday.

There were workers on the field, but no one was hurt when the panel ripped and another avalanche of unwanted ice and snow cascaded onto the playing field.

That's two close calls.


A worker who was on the playing field early Sunday morning used a fork-lift truck to escape the first deluge.

Clearly, the Metrodome isn't a safe place to be. Snow and ice from the fifth-largest blizzard in the city's history remains trapped on the roof with nowhere to go. And the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission has called a temporary halt to repair work.

It's now anyone's guess as to when the facility will be safely repaired and open. One possible target date is a Monster Jam truck show scheduled for Jan. 22.

Shoveling out the Bank.

Shoveling out the Bank.

Meanwhile, across the river, a small army of worker bees continues to dig out TCF Bank Stadium so that the Vikings have a place to host the Bears on Monday Night Football.

We interviewed some of them on camera. Check out that video here.

The shoveling suffered a snafu as well, however.

The Vikings posted a "Help Wanted" notice on the team's website in the morning, saying snow shovelers would be paid to help get the stadium ready on time.

By midday, the U of M's Associate Director of Athletic Communications, Andrew Seeley, was trying to walk back that offer, saying the U needed volunteers, not paid workers.

Finally, by dinner time, he announced a second reversal: Workers will be paid.

More on that confusion here.