Metrodome is the worst stadium in America, says Time Magazine [VIDEO]

This is what $55 million would get you during the late 1970s.

This is what $55 million would get you during the late 1970s.

Just a day before the Minnesota legislature approved a bill that will fund a new, nearly $1 billion Vikings stadium, Time Magazine named the Metrodome the worst stadium in the whole country.

And while many of us have fond memories of watching the Twins and the Vikes under a Teflon roof while sitting in uncomfortable blue plastic chairs, it's kinda hard to disagree with Time's assessment, isn't it?

Built for $55 million -- approximately one-twentieth of what the new Vikes stadium will cost -- and opened in 1982, the Metrodome was never intended to be anything special. One Dome official said the Metrodome was simply designed to "get fans in, let 'em see a game, and let 'em go home."

[jump] Here's what Time thinks about the Dome:

You might not think that public money should be used to build a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. But there's little doubt the Metrodome has seen better days. The stadium first opened in 1982, as a state-of-the-art facility that would keep the Twins and Vikings out of the cold. After staid domes fell out of favor, the Twins left for fresh air back after the 2009 season; they now play at Target Field. Football is a more acceptable indoor sport. But not at the Metrodome, especially after the roof collapsed under a snowstorm in 2010.
Ah yes, the good ol' Dome collapse. In case the past six months caused you to forget what a real Minnesota winter is like, here's the video from that December 2010 morning:

And if you're curious, here's the full rundown of Time's top ten worst stadiums list:

  1. Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles

  2. U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago

  3. Fenway Park, Boston

  4. Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis

  5. Candlestick Park, San Francisco

  6. O.Co Coliseum, Oakland

  7. Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego

  8. Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay

  9. Nassau Coliseum, Long Island

  10. The house that Kirby Puckett built

Fenway Park, eighth-worst stadium? Time's Sean Gregory must've been smoking something when he came up with that part of the list... and then sobered up before devising the three-through-one rankings, because Tropicana, Nassau, and the Dome are widely agreed to be three of the least-pleasant facilities in American professional sports.