Metrodome collapse survivor: Maintenance man escaped roof deluge in fork lift [VIDEO]

Who or what escaped the Metrodome collapse? Now we know the answer.

Who or what escaped the Metrodome collapse? Now we know the answer.

It was one of the most-viewed videos of the weekend: Fox Sports' exclusive footage of the collapse of the Metrodome from inside.

Producers suspected the Dome was going to give-way and wisely left their cameras running overnight, which is how they captured the 5 a.m. collapse.

But one question has remained unanswered--who or what was the shadowy creature on the far sideline who just barely escaped the deluge with his life?

Now we know the answer.
Readers suggested it looked like a dog, a horse, or a ghost. Some jokingly suggested it was Brett Favre or Zygi Wilf running away from the hole with scissors.

It turns out to be something far more ordinary.

"It is one of our maintenance men who was emptying large buckets," Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission director Bill Lester tells City Pages. "He does not want to do any interviews."

Although the maintenance man wanted to remain anonymous, Lester was able to provide some context as to what the survivor experienced.

What was he riding when he escaped?
He used one of our fork lifts.

How close to danger was he?
He heard the noise and rumbling and felt he had to hurry.

What was it like for him?
He has been an employee here for over 25 years and has handled many crucial situations.

Did he get a day off today?
No day off but a large pat on the back.

How many other personnel were inside during the collapse?
Three maintenance personnel plus two security at the loading dock.
Over the weekend, we analyzed the footage like the Zapruder Film. We even used a Flip video to show a close-up view of the fleeing dark object in question.

Here is the original video--look at the far sideline at the :10 second mark:

The worst part: It turns out the guy wasn't even supposed to be on-duty at the time of the collapse!

"He was actually off shift at midnight but stayed because of the blocked highways and was pitching in to help," Lester tells CP.

So, to the brave, media-shy maintenance man inside the Metrodome when it collapsed: We salute you as our Player of the Game.