Metrodome Collapse: At least nine roof panels need to be replaced

At least nine Teflon panels from the Metrodome roof will need to be replaced, maybe even more, in the wake of the Dec. 11 blizzard that caused the dome to collapse the following day.

Pat Milan, spokesman for the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, told us this morning that assessment crews are still trying to figure out the full extent of the damage.

"The truth is, we just don't know" when the repairs will be complete, and how much work needs to be done, he said. "They have to take their time."

The panels will be replaced by the same company that built them in the first place, Birdair, Inc., based outside of Buffalo, N.Y. The new panels will be constructed in Birdair's Tijuana, Mexico, plant.

Three of the panels failed the morning after the blizzard, sending an avalanche of snow and ice onto Mall of America field, and deflating the dome. A Fox Sports camera captured the dramatic moment. Another panel gave way on Dec. 15. And earlier this week, repair crews shot a hole in another panel, bursting it and relieving pressure on the canopy.


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