Metrodome bathroom sex couple stalked by PiPress


Remember those two strangers who met at the Metrodome last year during the Gopher game against the Iowa Hawkeyes and decided to have a bathroom romp with a crowd of cheering fans? Now that you mention it, we have to admit we chuckled a bit.

Apparently the Pioneer Press still remembers it and really cares what these bathroom sex participants are up to these days. Maybe catch them having more bathroom sex? Totally possible. They cared so much they sent a reporter down to Iowa to stalk them for a weekend and stir the small town drama pot.

The PiPress has quite a story about the couple: stalking them in Iowa, knocking on their doors, searching their MySpace pages, and bothering their mothers. Honestly?

Yes, it was funny and entertaining a year ago. But they just had drunk sex in public! Walk around the University of Minnesota campus and you'll find plenty of good public sex stories to talk about. Attack them a year after the embarrassment and they will have probably already forgotten it.

Check out some highlights below.

In case you don't remember the story, Lois Feldman and Ross Walsh apparently had never met, but decided to have sex in a male handicap stall at the Metrodome. They released Feldman back to her husband and Walsh back to his girlfriend. Yikes. Long drive home back to Iowa, right?

And here is where the PiPress turns all tabloid:

In the year since, Walsh, on a year's probation because of the incident, has all but disappeared from public record. His last-known address put him in a garden-level apartment in West Des Moines.

Feldman -- a mother of three -- lost her job, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and settled back into life in Carroll, Iowa, while on her year of probation.

"You hurt our community," Feldman's mother said of the coverage. "This is very hurtful. I just don't understand why you'd want to write about it."

The PiPress still had some undying questions:"Are Feldman and her husband still together? Is Walsh with his girlfriend? How has Carroll dealt with the exposure in the year since the game?"

How did they attempt to find the answers? They went up to Feldman's home in Carroll and asked her straight up. She slammed the door in their face. Burn!

But they didn't stop there. They searched Carroll County court records for divorce papers and asked people in town. Then they looked up Walsh's address and found out it was for sale.

Then they searched for their MySpace pages. They visited hotel lounges, a strip club, and a couple bars.

Hold on, folks. Step back a second. These were two nobodies who happened to cheat on their significant other in a public bathroom. Move on and let these people get on with their lives. Dang.