Metro Transit Route 10 bus hits pedestrian in downtown Mpls; 12 injured [PHOTOS]


-- Update: Check out photos from the crash scene at bottom --

Around 8:30 p.m. last night, a Metro Transit Route 10 bus traveling southbound on 2nd Avenue South hit a pedestrian in the intersection of 2nd and Washington Avenue.

The circumstances surrounding the collision remain under investigation, but the pedestrian was transported to the hospital "conscious and breathing," Metro Transit spokesman John Siqveland tells us. The pedestrian wasn't the only person injured in the crash, however -- the whiplash effect that resulted from the driver slamming the brakes injured 10 passengers who "complained of minor injuries" and were also sent to the hospital.

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Since the driver also needed medical attention, that means a total of a dozen people were injured.

Siqveland says that "while the number of people injured in this incident is on the high side," whiplash injures on Metro Transit buses "are not that uncommon."

"It isn't at all infrequent for that type of thing to happen when the bus operator has to make a sudden stop and a person onboard falls or something like that," Siqveland says. "Another thing that commonly happens is buses get hit from behind at bus stops and people complain of neck and back injuries and are transported to the hospital."

The driver of the Rout 10 bus involved in last night's incident was tested for drugs and alcohol. Typically, drivers involved in crashes are placed on leave pending the results of an investigation, Siqveland says.

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The Radio Nomad sent us these pictures of the aftermath:

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