Metro Transit fares increase Wednesday

Don't forget an extra quarter for your ride on the bus or light rail Wednesday. Metro Transit fare increases, a quarter each way, will go into effect Oct. 1.

The increase will help reduce the projected $15 million budget shortfall next year with skyrocketing fuel costs and less revenue from motor vehicle sales taxes, Metro Transit officials say.

Here are the new fares: Non-rush-hour regular service $1.75 Rush hour regular-route service $2.25

Non-rush-hour express service $2.25 Rush-hour express service $3

For more detailed fare charts and new bus pass prices, visit Metro Transit.

We will all probably complain for awhile, but just remember how much you can save if you aren't paying for a car. And it's pretty tough to whine about the cost of public transportation as a herd of bike commuters buzz by. If you whine, stop being lazy and bike instead. Just wear a helmet.

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