Meth-binge mother arrested after putting baby to sleep in bathtub

It'll be a miracle if this child turns out all right.

Amanda Rae Hejl was arrested yesterday and charged with child endangerment and neglect after exposing her one-year-old baby to meth and putting the poor youngster to sleep in a bathtub.

Hejl, 23 and a Northfield resident, was arrested while trying to retrieve her baby from social services after an acquaintance intervened and took the child away.

According to the Faribault Daily News, Hejl told police she had been staying in Faribault because she didn't have a ride back to her home in Northfield. While she was in Faribault, two people -- the report doesn't specify whether they are Hejl's friends -- dropped by for a visit.

The visitors were dismayed to smell and witness that the home was "full of meth smoke," and they asked Hejl where her baby was. Hejl told them to look in the bathroom, where the child was helplessly hanging out in the bathtub, unable to get out without being lifted.

The visitors convinced Hejl to let them take the child away from the home's squalor. They told police that the baby's clothes and car seat were also "full of meth smoke." When Hejl called asking for her child back the next morning, the visitors refused and instead brought the baby to social services.

After being taken into custody, Hejl admitted to police that she had been on a meth binge while in Faribault. She now faces up to five years in prison or a $10,000 fine.

So, when looking for a babysitter, remember to stay far away from anyone named Amanda Hejl. Otherwise you might return return home to find your baby sleeping on cold porcelain while breathing meth-infused air. 

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