Message in a Bottle comment thread

</div class=img_thumbleft>In this week's cover story, Message in a Bottle, writer Peter S. Scholtes profiles local television star Ian Rans from Drinking with Ian, currently in its fourth season. An excerpt: "Drinking with Ian began with a 1996 video titled Drinking with Troy and Ian, co-starring his friend Troy Duckett. It consisted of two young, chain-smoking friends doing 13 shots of Jägermeister and Goldschläger over the course of an hour, getting progressively stupider... '[Troy] had alcohol poisoning for a week, and I puked for two days straight,' Rans says now. 'But it was always in the back of my head: If I were to do a show, it would be like that. Over the years it was refined into a talk-show format.'" Read the cover story here, check out some DWI video clips here, then come back to discuss.