Merry happy season's holidays

By Eliot Brown

Merry happy season's holidays

class=img_thumbleft>As Bill O'Reilly constantly reminds us, the war on Christmas is in full swing this season, as evil multiculturalists and godless relativists try to put a public end to the word "Christmas." Retail stores, bastions of Christmas... or holiday, cheer, serve as the front lines in this vicious battle. A recent trip to the Mall of America, the Mecca of seasonal joy and giving, revealed the brutal struggle as it's being played out in the form of promotional material.

While many shops chose to wish customers "Happy Holidays," some bold establishments dared to post signs invoking Christmas. Others, following a neutral-Swiss model, stayed out of the fray altogether, encouraging shoppers to partake in a generic "Gift Season" or to buy "candy for your feet," in the form of shoes.

Here, straight from the front lines, is a sampling of promotions sported on posters throughout shops in the 500-store mall.

Merry happy season's holidays

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