Merry Christmas! An abortion gift certificate just for you

We can't criticize Planned Parenthood for lacking creativity. Is your sister in need of a good STD test after a wild summer? How about a year supply of birth control to make it through a chilly winter? Heck, just go all out and get her an abortion. No one wants another life to take care of in tough economic times. And what better way to celebrate life? 

Planned Parenthood of Indiana is stirring up quite the controversy this holiday season with a new gift certificate program for services at the clinic

People can buy this "unusual, yet practical gift " in $25 increments to give to their favorite friends and family. What seems to have been an idea to help women get proper medical care despite their financial strains has now turned into a crazy anti-abortion rampage about paying for murders this holiday season. How touching. 

Don't worry about getting this awkward gift here in Minnesota though.


From Planned Parenthood of Indiana:
The gift certificates can be given to women and men to cover essential services like screenings and birth control. Services such as annual exams for women, which include breast exams and Pap tests, typically cost $58. 
"Nearly 800,000 Hoosiers don't have health insurance and can't afford basic health services. Why not buy a loved one a gift this holiday season that they really need and one that will contribute to their health throughout the year?" asked PPIN President and CEO Betty Cockrum. "The gift certificates are also a wonderful idea for that person in your life who puts everyone else first and has been putting off taking care of her or his own health. Now, there's no excuse for those people in your life not to get the basic health care that they need."
We called Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota to see if we could get our hands on this great holiday gift. Kathi Di Nicola, director of media relations for the regional branch, said they do not offer gift certificates and don't plan to this year. 

Just give that loved one cash with a nice suggestive note instead.