Men surprised coworkers with pot brownies, could face charges


Human kindness gone terribly wrong: Two men decided to surprise coworkers with a pan of special brownies without telling them of the magical ingredient. It appears they didn't realize their coworkers were a little too uptight to appreciate the marijuana in their dessert.

The two men in Chaska could face felony charges for the brownies after one employee became sick and had to go to the hospital.

We'd like to imagine this situation would have gone much better in our offices.

Chaska Police said the men admitted to their baking crime after it was reported to authorities, WCCO says. They could face time in prison if charged and eventually convicted. No word on formal charges from the the Carver County Attorney's Office.

We hope one of the coworkers had a moment like the one below. This man made pot brownies and then called 911 and told the operator he thought he was dead. Awesome.