Melinda Cooney won't face 10 felony charges for PTA theft

Melinda Cooney thought no one would notice.

Melinda Cooney thought no one would notice.

Melinda S. Cooney is in hot water with Sheboygan County prosecutors for allegedly filching some $8,000 from the PTA where she's treasurer.

Making off with funds raised by hard-working parents would certainly qualify you as Heartless Bastard of the Year. But even the DA in Sheboygan County will tell you that 30 years behind bars is probably an excessive punishment for the crime.


Prosecutors say that Cooney used her perch as treasurer in the organization to write herself 55 checks, and deposit them in her personal checking account. The parents were understandably crushed.

"Our role as the PTO is to try and benefit the kids, and it was a huge bump in the road, but we're moving forward, we're still doing fundraisers," [Cedar Grove-Belgium School District PTO president] Menzel said Monday. "We're just trying to trudge forward."

One assumes, if the cops have the facts straight, that Cooney figured no one would notice.

Someone did notice: Menzel. And then the criminal complaint was drawn up, and relayed through the Sheboygan Press.

Melinda S. Cooney, 41, of 63 Hickory Drive, Cedar Grove, faces 10 counts of identity theft for financial gain, each of which carries a maximum prison term of three years. She is scheduled to make an initial court appearance Dec. 20 before Judge Timothy Van Akkeren.

Oops. Turns out a clerk had mistakenly tacked an extra nine felony counts to Cooney's criminal complaint.

Mistakenly? We like to think the error was poetic justice.