Mel Gibson bops around the Twin Cities, asks women to take their shirts off [PHOTOS]

Sadly, we couldn't find shots of Mel at Legoland.
Sadly, we couldn't find shots of Mel at Legoland.

So, over the weekend Mel Gibson was in town. No, it wasn't a business trip -- according to the Star Tribune's always-fun C.J., he was just here for a little vaca with his daughter. Destinations included the Mall of America, Minnesota Zoo, Lake Minnetonka, Warehouse District, and Uptown, among others. C.J. says it was Mel's first time in flyover country the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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But there's never a dull moment with Gibson. Consider the story of Vilay Dethluxay, who says she was at the Monte Carlo this weekend when she bumped into an apparently sadomasochistic Mel.

"So, I just had Mel Gibson tell me he wanted my girl friend to rip my shirt off and that we should fight in the streets outside of the Monte Carlo tonight," Dethluxay tweeted, adding that he was wearing a "button up shirt unbuttoned to show his chest hair," along with a silver chain necklace "nestled in there." Sexy!

Another downtown Mel sighting was reported by a disrespectful Ty Burks:

Minnesotans at the MOA reacted to Mel sightings as though Bigfoot himself was marching around:

A diner at Maynard's in Excelsior also says he bumped into Gibson last weekend. Here's the photographic evidence:

What was Mel saying to the Twins-supporting patron and his friends in the above photo, you might be wondering? The lucky photographer told l'etoile magazine that Gibson just "jumped out of his seat and on the backs of our chairs to tell us a joke." And would you expect anything less?

:: UPDATE :: 1:16 p.m. ::

In the original post, we lamented not being able to find a shot of Mel at Legoland. Well, thanks to commenter 98chevy, we've now found what we were looking for:

Mel Gibson bops around the Twin Cities, asks women to take their shirts off [PHOTOS]

The picture comes courtesy of Evan Taddonio's Twitter account. Taddonio said the Gibson Legoland pic was the first he's published on Twitter, adding that it was "Just another day in the life."

Braveheart's star in our Minnesotan midst? Doesn't sound like "just another day" to us!

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