Megan Fox on her role in Diablo Cody film: I eat boys


So we have kind of ripped Diablo Cody's upcoming movie, "Jennifer's Body". We just can't expect much from a movie about a possessed cheerleader.

Now that we're getting some more juicy details, we are intrigued beyond belief. This could either be horrifying or the world's best comedy. Maybe it's really both! We won't know until we see it on the big screen. Or we might just Netflix it.

Access Hollywood interviewed leading lady Megan Fox and she talks about eating boys. Oh, and she isn't a virgin and that's why she ends up possessed.

Consider us hooked. We swear it's not because we now know she shows off her naked bod.

From Access Hollywood:

In the Diablo Cody-penned "Jennifer's Body," due in September, the sexy star plays a literal man-eater - and she told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson on Friday that things get gruesome.

"I start eating the boys in my high school," Megan said.

Megan's character joins the undead after a rock band (led by "The OC" star Adam Brody) attempts to sacrifice a virgin - and picks her by mistake.

"Well, in reality, I'm not [a virgin]," Megan said of the role. "So it goes wrong and I get taken over by a demon. I have to stay in this state of [the] undead and to do that, I have to start eating people."

Fox went on to say that "Jennifer's Body" is "one of the best scripts I've ever read." Can we believe this Transformers superstar that gets naked for all the antsy 16-year-old pimply fans? We'll wait and see.