Meg Tuthill wants to ban plastic bags in Minneapolis

Tuthill used to own a balloon shop, but now she wants to ban plastic bags.
Tuthill used to own a balloon shop, but now she wants to ban plastic bags.

Meg Tuthill wants Minneapolis to join the growing list of cities across the country to pass laws banning plastic bags.

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"You know how we have certain things in our lives that we just can't stand? This is one of them for me," Tuthill told Ward 10 residents during a neighborhood meeting earlier this month, the Southwest Journal reports.

Unlike San Francisco, for example, Tuthill says she isn't interested in making people pay a small fee for plastic bags. Instead, she supports a total ban and says she might introduce an ordinance toward that end before the year is through.

More from the Journal:

Tuthill said she never liked plastic bags, expressing particular annoyance at their tendency to end up as "tree ornaments."

At Tuthill's Balloon Emporium, the small Uptown business she operated for 30 years, large plastic bags corralled balloons for transport. Otherwise, Tuthill avoided using them.

"We did handled paper bags so that people could re-use them as gift bags," she said.

Tuthill's history as a longtime balloon shop owner prompted this quip from Ben Clark:

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