Meet the guy whose Randy Moss book was supposed to go to print Tuesday

In addition to leaving Vikings fans high and dry, Randy Moss's weird antics have just killed a book deal for one of Minnesota's hardest-working sportswriters.

Today was a very, very bad day for Ross Bernstein, Minnesota author of dozens of books on athletes, including Brett Favre and Herb Brooks. And in the past four weeks, Bernstein has been working his tail off, interviewing 75 people for a new book about the Vikings' loosest cannon.

"It was supposed to go to print tomorrow morning," Bernstein lamented, sounding like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. "No one will buy it now. Everyone is too pissed off."

Take heart, Ross ... there's always the legendary Vikings quarterback to sell books about. Given the icky recent sexting allegations, Bernstein's book title--I Love Brett Favre/I Hate Brett Favre--couldn't be more timely.

"I do about three books a year. I'm in a position to react quickly," Bernstein said, sounding slightly more chipper. "It was a great opportunity, and it didn't come to fruition, but Moss is such a mercurial, enigmatic character.

"Unfortunately for me, the book deal died when Randy's contract with the Vikings ended," he says. "You win some, you lose some."

Bernstein does have a new book just out: "Raising Stanley: What it Takes to Claim Hockey's Ultimate Prize." He interviewed 28 people in Minnesota who won the Stanley Cup, plus national figures, and the book includes each player's memory of winning that particular season.

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