Meet Natalie Hale, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's stylist-to-the-stars

Michele Bachmann's go-to glam artist, Natalie Hale.

Michele Bachmann's go-to glam artist, Natalie Hale.

News broke this morning that Tea Party Congresswoman Michele Bachmann spent $225 on hair and make-up in the lead up to election day, and her stylist of choice is a woman by the name of Natalie Hale.

"The receipt was for the services of professional makeup artist Natalie Hale," her father, Terry Trooien, told Karl Bremer. "She is specifically requested by Michele Bachmann when she comes back to Minnesota."

So who is this stylist to the stars who keeps Bachmann in lipstick and mascara?


Hale has worked with many local notables besides Bachmann, according to this posting:

Prince, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Kevin Kline, Lyndsay Lohan, Tommy Lee Jones, Isabella Rossellini, Leighton Meister, Kaley Cucco, Leslie Neilsen, Marla Sokoloff, Melissa George, Sean Farris, Kevin Garnett, Randy Moss, Matt Dillon, Lily Taylor.

Hale spent election night running after Bachmann--a dab of concealer before Fox News, a swoosh of the hairbrush before Chris Matthews accused her of looking hypnotized on MSNBC.

What was Bachmann looking at during Tea Party SOTU Response?

According to Hale's dad, she only does Bachmann's make-up when she's in town, so she's not to blame for the SOTU paint job that got called out as being done by a 5 year old on Saturday Night Live.

"Haven't you noticed how much better she looks when she's back here than when she's in Washington?" says Trooien.

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