McManus watch: Adios to all that

As Blotter repeatedly reported, Minneapolis Police Chief Bill McManus is taking the San Antonio post.

While it's easy to paint the guy as an opportunist--and clearly he's a good one at that--it's also worth noting that he probably would have stayed had he been given some love from El Jefe, Mayor R.T. Rybak.

In retrospect, all of Rybak's late-hour maneuverings to keep the chief seem empty--the relationship clearly didn't mean much to either man. Perhaps there was nothing Rybak could do to convince McManus to stay. Then again, it's not clear that Hizzoner wanted that to happen.

For instance, the mayor quipped to one of the television news stations yesterday that he wasn't a "career counselor." And there's an ambivalent statement from the Rybak HQ at City Hall:

"I have great respect for Chief McManus and wish him and his family the best in San Antonio," the missive begins, which is a nice way of saying don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

There's some lip service about the work McManus did, like, "He made a great contribution to the city" and "He had a great capacity to reach out to communities across the city, especially in areas where crime presented the greatest challenges."

Feeling cold yet?

It's still tough to figure what caused the prolonged rift between the two, but it doesn't matter much now. What matters is what, if anything, Rybak has up his sleeve for the third chief in the fifth year of his tenure.

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