McMahon's Pub announces fundraisers after deadly fire

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the fire on Friday that killed six people and destroyed the building on Lake Street that once housed McMahon's Pub and six upstairs apartments. In the meantime, the pub has announced two fund raising events for families of the victims.

McMahon's bartender Ryan Richner, 25, died in the fire, along with five people staying with him in his apartment: Annie Gervais, 43, her son Andrew Gervais, 26, and his three children, 3-year-old twins Alicia and Austin, and 2-year-old Colton.

Seventeen people made it out of the building alive.

From the pub's Web site:

At present there are two planned benefits/ fundraisers for those lost.

On Sunday April 11th @ 2pm the Twin Cities Darts Association will be holding a benefit tournament/fundraiser at the #34 Eagles Club 2507 E 25th St, Minneapolis

On Saturday April 17th there will be a Benefit at the Fort Snelling Club @ 12pm. This will be a dinner benefit with many bands that have played the pub performing for those lost. There will be music 12pm till 12am.

Sounds like the pub's owners also want to get their side of the story out:

Regarding the media circus that developed during and in the hours after the fire - Once we have laid Ryan and all those lost to rest, there will be an open letter released regarding the facts and correct dates surrounding the much hyped and sensationalized "fire code violations."

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