McLaughlin Group yells about Pawlenty's presidential prospects

In the most recent installment of The McLaughlin Group, host/corpse Johnny Mac shouts a question that's been weighing on our (and probably your) mind(s).

"What are the odds that Tim Pawlenty will win the GOP presidential nomination in 2012?"


As is the way of these people, a lot of shouting and grandstanding ensues. In case you can't stomach the cacophony, here's a print run-down of the panel's answers.

Pat Buchanan: "Two percent."

Eleanor Clift: "50-50." [indignant yelling, at which Clift repeatedly shouts, "Excuse me!" in Long Island accent]

Hate-Mongering, Cookie-Cutter Talk Radio Bimbo: "There's a limited appetite for what Tim Pawlenty is selling."

Gap-Toothed, Ethnically Ambiguous Guy from the Council on Foreign Relations: "I think his chances are a little better than Pat's [Buchanan]."

Or you can watch it.