McCollum to question Secretary of State Clinton at hearing

Rep. Betty McCollum will participate in the questioning of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this morning on the State department's FY2009 supplemental appropriations request. This is Clinton's second day of testifying before the House State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee.

Clinton will be speaking about Obama's $83.4 billion war supplemental that covers operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

The live testimony is available for viewing online.

To watch the live webcast, visit the committee site.

More on hearing, from The Hill:

Her testimony likely will focus on the diplomacy side of the request. Obama's request contains $7.1 billion that would go to diplomatic efforts and foreign aid, including $1.6 billion for Afghanistan, $1.4 billion for Pakistan and $700 million for Iraq.

The supplemental request, once the primary focus of lawmakers trying to end the war in Iraq, has won support from key Democratic and Republican leaders. But some staunchly anti-war lawmakers have said they oppose Obama's Afghanistan plan because it represents a potentially unending military commitment.