McCollum is over Franken's dirty writing, wants to work with him immediately


Apparently U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum is officially over any concerns about Al Franken's dirty porno writing and can't wait another moment to start working alongside the former comedian. 

McCollum said today she thinks Franken should start work immediately in the Senate, despite lacking the official election certificate needed to prove their win was official. Minnesota officials still have to wait to see if Norm Coleman will file an election contest.

The Senate could totally use some dirty jokes today to lighten the mood.

More from the Pioneer Press:
"It is time for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to immediately seat Mr. Franken to ensure that Minnesotans have full representation in the U.S. Senate," McCollum, a Democrat from St. Paul, said in a statement.
McCollum, a Democrat, started one of Franken's biggest campaign controversies this summer when she raised concerns about his past writing and comedy concerning porn and rape. The Republicans couldn't get enough of the Democrats questioning their own candidate and took over the issue for their own good.