Mayor Hodges Calls Out Nicole Curtis on Facebook for Inciting Her Army of Trolls

Curtis holding her dog during a candlelight vigil she held for 2320 Colfax last summer

Curtis holding her dog during a candlelight vigil she held for 2320 Colfax last summer

Nicole Curtis, a reality TV star with about 725,000 Facebook fans, doesn't like Minneapolis City Council member Lisa Bender.

Curtis blames Bender for allowing a 122-year-old house (2320 Colfax, a.k.a. the Orth House) in Bender's ward to be demolished. Occasionally Curtis, who owns a home in Bender's ward, posts online to tell her massive fan base about how Bender lied and collaborated with developers so the house could be destroyed. See also: Nicole Curtis Be Damned: Historic Uptown House Has Been Demolished

"Our council member, Lisa Bender lied...the Orth died. You can hashtag that, quote it, put it on a t-shirt," she posted after the house was torn down last week. "Lisa Bender, congrats! You won-you proved yourself to be a destroyer of history and capable of talking out of both sides of your mouth, and then some."

"We lost a great home here in Minneapolis thanks to Council Member Lisa Bender," Curtis wrote in another recent post. "We fought every way we could -and sometimes honesty can never compete with people that will tilt the truth to get personal gain."

Like most controversial development projects, the neighborhood drama surrounding the Orth House demolition has a long, complicated back story. If you're interested, the bloggers over at the Wedge Times-Picayune break it down (from their point of view) in this hilarious timeline.

Those same bloggers picked through the cesspool of comments on Curtis's latest anti-Bender Facebook screeds and highlighted the worst of it. It was awful, even by Facebook commenter standards.

Curtis fans called Bender a bitch, waste of human flesh, gutless coward, piece of shit, accused her of accepting bribes, suggested someone should bulldoze her house, and a few of these geniuses puzzled out a way to work "Bender over" into an insult.

When this was brought to the attention of Mayor Betsy Hodges, she didn't pull any punches calling out Curtis for inciting this online harassment.

Curtis promptly responded.

So far Bender has elected to stay on the sidelines as the this all played out on social media, although she has complained in the past about cyber-bullying.

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