Mayor Betsy Hodges takes heat for tweet following North Mpls triple shooting


Every morning, Betsy Hodges tweets an inspirational quote. She does this so regularly that MPR recently used the day-to-day times of Hodges's "quote" tweets to track her sleep cycle.

Most of the time, her tweets come and go without anybody batting an eye. But yesterday, as Minneapolis woke up to news of yet another shooting on the North Side, the mayor generated some heat with a tweet some thought was flippant.

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Here's what she said: And here were some of the responses, which channeled the criticism North Side Council Member Barb Johnson had for city officials recently, albeit in a more gruff manner: There's more where that came from. Read all the Twitter responses here. Hodges also took heat for her tweet on the never dull North Vent Facebook page.

On her own Facebook page, Hodges indirectly responded to the criticism by outlining her strategy for dealing with North Side public safety issues. Click to page two to read what she said.


From Hodges's Facebook:

I was out walking in North Minneapolis yesterday with community leaders, pastors, and the MPD. Had great conversations with folks about the community and about public safety. It was not the first time I had been there since I was elected - by far not the first time - and it won't be the last. I carried the message that it's important for me to be there in tough times, but that I know I have to be there regularly. It is not enough for me to decry violence when it happens. I am also continuing our long term strategies to end it, and thinking big picture about the future of our city's jobs and economic development and how importnant they are for North.

Meanwhile, Chief Janee Harteau and MPD have extra JET patrols out this summer - partnerships with other law enforcement agencies to coordinate and increase neighborhood coverage - as well as an 11 point strategy coordinated with other jurisdictions also desgined to increase public safety in North.

Again, I know short term strategies are necessary. I also know long term strategies are crucial. I am working on both. See you out there.
Meanwhile, over on Twitter, it was business as usual this morning: Send your story tips to the author, Aaron Rupar. Follow him on Twitter @atrupar.