Mayo doctor says coffee and cigarettes could help you avoid Parkinson’s disease

A cigarette a day keeps Parkinson's away.

A cigarette a day keeps Parkinson's away.

First, Mayo Clinic researchers released an exhaustive report showing that contrary to what other scientists may have said, rates of Parkinson’s have been on a steep incline over the past 30 years. 

“We have reasons to believe that this is a real trend,” said Dr. Rodolfo Savica, lead author of the study. “The trend is probably not caused merely by changes in people’s awareness or changes in medical practice over time.”

Then another researcher published findings indicating that smoking could actually reduce that risk.

Dr. Walter Rocca’s studies followed a number of reports that have concluded more or less the same, that nicotine has a preventative effect on Parkinson’s.

Obviously, no one should pick up smoking just to ward off Parkinson’s disease, Rocca says, since it will probably kill you long before Parkinson’s could. But he's interested in developing some new treatments.

“For example, some clinical trials of nicotine patches as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease have been conducted,” Rocca says. “But the results are not convincing.”

So far, there’s not much information on what causes Parkinson’s. All scientists know is that the expanded use of herbicides and pesticides in the agricultural industry over the last 70 years hasn’t helped, and that head trauma and certain infections could exacerbate onset.

Rocca says one thing guys in particular can do is drink coffee. Because nothing quite says good health like coffee and cigs.