Mayo-affiliated ER tells disabled, starving kid he's OK for school

Here's a big, steamy pile of an embarrassment for The Mayo Clinic, which carefully nurtures its reputation as an international leader in health care delivery and research.

One of its ERs told a disabled, malnourished kid he was fine for school.

That's despite the fact that when the boy showed up at Mayo-owned Lake City Medical Center ER, he had "severe malnutrition, starvation, bedsores and uncontrolled seizures," the Star Tribune reported.

Making matters worse: The boy's son requested the note, the boy wasn't even examined, and his encounter wasn't recorded.

He was, however, judged "vitally stable."

An emergency room nurse, in a written statement to the Health Department, said that the father just wanted a note clearing his son to return to school the next day. The nurse gave the parent a note written on a prescription slip that said the boy was "vitally stable and there is no emergent/urgent need that needs our attention."

You might think that a medical professional confronted with with a disabled, malnourished, injured boy suffering seizures would react differently -- like, say, wondering what was up with a parent making such a request.

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