Mayfair Mall stunned by teen rampage and gun shot

Screenshot of people filing out after management closed the mall.

Screenshot of people filing out after management closed the mall.

A mob of teenage vandals trashed the Mayfair Mall in suburban Milwaukee last night and forced officials to close the mall early.

Police confirmed this morning that at least one shot was fired outside the mall during an attempted robbery that took place at the same time as the riot.


Police first received reports around 5:25 p.m. that several groups of mostly teenagers were tearing through the mall, knocking over mannequins and scaring shoppers. Officers couldn't even estimate how many young people were involved, but one witness puts it at about 100.

Management closed the mall by 5:40 p.m., about 20 minutes early. Police arrested a few of the vandals, but aren't releasing names.

Here's video of the aftermath someone captured from the safety of a locked-up shop:

While teenagers mobbed inside the mall, an unknown suspect tried to mug someone at gun point in the parking lot, says Lt. Gerald J. Witkowski, Wauwatosa police spokesman. No one has been arrested for the attempted robbery, and police are not sure if it was related to the chaos happening simultaneously inside the mall.

"It was a separate incident," says Witkowski. "It just happened to take place at the same time. We don't know if actors involved were related to [the mall incident] or not. We just don't know at this point."

At least one gun shot was fired, though no one was injured during the attempted robbery.