Maybe Timothy the tabby cat wasn't glued to the highway after all


Turns out the story of Timothy the tabby cat maybe got a little out of hand. Glued to an Interstate? News to me, says the woman who scooped the cat off the pavement on Dec. 13 and brought it to a Sioux Falls animal shelter.

Timothy's supposed sticky demise generated headlines all over the country. And last week, we told you that actor Ken Wahl was donating his 1990 "Wiseguy" Golden Globe trophy to the $12,000 cash reward being offered to figure out who might have put the cat in harm's way.

But Joyce Borgen tells the Argus Leader that the cat, which has since died, wasn't stuck to the road when she found it on Highway 60 near Mankato. And the vet at Second Chance Rescue Center who examined the cat says she found some goop on the animal that only later was identified as glue by the Dale Animal Hospital.

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.