Maybe pictures of Linda Lovelace would have helped

Sales of Woodward's Deep Throat book go limp

class=img_thumbleft>After reaching No. 4 on its best-seller list, the

New York Times

is now reporting Bob Woodward's book about Watergate mole Deep Throat, "The Secret Man," has only sold about 61,000 copies in five weeks of release. What appeared to be a slam-dunk for booksellers has cooled for reasons unknown.

is hawking it for a mere $13.80, almost ten dollars off the original cover price. One could speculate after W. Mark Felt came forward in a

Vanity Fair article

in May, the riddle was solved and we could all move on. That, and the fact that many Americans under forty have only a vague notion of the intricacies of the Watergate break-in, primarily thanks to

Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford

, and you've got a 256-page answer to the "Who is?" question, when for most people, "W. Mark Felt" seems to have sufficed.

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