Mattson endorses Solicitor General Lori Swanson for AG

class=img_thumbleft>Jennifer Mattson, left, the lawyer whose insurgent candidacy for attorney general last Sunday was one of a series of events that helped convince Matt Entenza to step aside, is about to announce that she is now supporting current Solicitor General Lori Swanson. In a press release scheduled for a 5 p.m. release, Mattson describes Swanson, a Mike Hatch protege making her first run for public office, as "the only heavy hitter still in the race. She has been slugging away at corporate defendants and winning for the people of Minnesota." Mattson's statement implies she is withdrawing her candidacy. Today is the deadline for taking such action.

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July 20, 2006 5:00 p.m. State Capitol Statement by Jennifer Mattson

Mattson Endorses Swanson for Attorney General

Last Sunday I announced my candidacy for attorney general and delivered a personal letter to Representative Matt Entenza at his home asking him to withdraw for the good of the people of Minnesota. I filed for office on Monday and on Tuesday Representative Entenza withdrew. This was a major victory for my campaign, the DFL party and all Minnesotans who deserve a lawyer without a conflict.

My second goal was to ensure that the investigations into the healthcare industry started by Attorney General Hatch be vigorously pursued by the next attorney general.

There is no doubt in my mind that the lawyer best qualified to fulfill that goal is Solicitor General Lori Swanson. She has had primary responsibility for the managed health care litigation and has performed with admiration and distinction. She is tough-minded, legally-skilled and knows this area of the law better than anyone in our state. Using today's political lingo, in my judgment, Lori is the only heavy hitter still in the race. She has been slugging away at corporate defendants and winning for the people of Minnesota.

Therefore, I am whole-heartedly endorsing her candidacy. I will work tirelessly and do whatever I can to support her effort to be the people's lawyer. My first effort will be to notify all the hundreds of people who offered their support to my campaign and encourage them to get behind Lori's candidacy.

Mattson for Attorney General Miles Lord, Chairman