Matthew Huber is the the Bubble Wrap inventor king of the world

Put your organism here

Put your organism here

We're known for some odd things in Minnesota. Swooning over butter sculptures. Eating lye-cured fish. Electing a wrestler as governor. So perhaps it makes perfect sense that Minnesota is now home to the Bubble Wrap inventor king of the world.

That would be Matthew Huber, a 13 year old from St. Peter, is the winner of the 2010 Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors. His invention? "Petri Bubbles." Just slice the top off a bubble and grow your favorite organism. When finished, pop away to your heart's content.

"It's a lot better than normal Petri dishes because it costs a lot less to transport to emergencies," he told the Star Tribune.

If that sounds like a weird idea, consider the fact that Bubble Wrap was originally intended by inventors Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes to be used as textured wallpaper. Thank your lucky stars that idea never panned out.

For his efforts, budding scientist Huber won a trip to New York City, a $10,000 savings bond for himself, and $5,000 for St. Peter Middle School, where he's a student.