Matthew Damman wasn't drunk when he drove minivan into Lowertown Bulldog, charges say

The aftermath of the wreck.

The aftermath of the wreck.

Matthew Damman was struggling with low blood sugar, not drunkenness, when he crashed his 2001 Chrysler Town and Country minivan into the Lowertown Bulldog following a brief chase with a state trooper, charges filed this afternoon say.

After crashing into the restaurant just after midnight this morning, Damman was found unresponsive and slumped over the passenger seat. He came to before too long, however. Asked why he fled, he responded, "My sugar is fucked up."

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Indeed, medics later determined that Damman's blood sugar levels were "well below normal," the charges say.

Damman told authorities he had one beer at "a burger place" in Hastings. A breath test measured his blood alcohol level at 0.022, well below the legal limit of .08.

A glass pipe and small amount of marijuana were found in Damman's van. He told officers he lit up about five hours before the chase.

"[Damman] said he was driving the minivan and recalled seeing the emergency lights and hearing the siren," the charges say. "He recalled speeding up and hitting something. Damman said he was aware that his blood sugar was low and he needed to eat some food. He wasn't sure why he didn't stop for Trooper Tiegs' lights."

Though Damman wasn't charged with DWI, he does face a felony count of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle and five counts of criminal vehicular operation, one for each of the five Bulldog patrons he injured. Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt.

To read the criminal complaint for yourself, click to page two.

Here's the complaint:

Damman charge

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