Matt Yglesias rides a bike!

Matthew Yglesias, the lovable blogger, author and all around chummy guy is taking to the streets on his bike this winter in Washington, DC. CP loves anyone willing to pedal through the salted streets. Yglesias writes that it's his first winter as a bike commuter. It shows in the advice he gives to a humble reader of his blog.
First, he calms the reader by telling him it's okay:

This is my first winter as a bike commuter. I'd heard bad things about it but I haven't found it to be a huge problem. The key breakthrough was when I figured out how to make my helmet big enough to wear my hat under it. That and remembering to wear gloves.

For a dude who regularly skewers the ideas and policies of others, this blog on biking seems a tad too simplistic for Yglesias. He tells his readers they should wear gloves to shield their hands from the wind. Hmm... deep.

Yglesias goes on:

Beyond that, in all things related to bike commuting we need to look to our friends in Europe. The top bike commuting city is Copenhagen, not San Diego. If people can bike to work in Denmark's winter (I even saw plenty of people biking around Helsinki in December) then it can be done wherever you might be in the USA as well.

Why the hell do you need to look at Europe all the time? Dude, Yglesias, come gander at the great white north. There is more to Minnesota than bad ass hockey and cross country skiing. Really. You want a primer on winter biking? Go here. We haul our pale behinds out in sub-zero temps all the time.

And while we want to believe the notion that a person can bike anywhere in the USA, we also lived through a winter in Cleveland. And while the messengers in the Paris of the Rust Belt proved their undeniable toughness, the city isn't a friendly place for bicycle commuters, especially in the winter. It centers around the lack of cycling infrastructure, snow plowed into the very few miles of bike lanes and Cav fans driving around drunk after the game.

This is why we love Minneapolis. The city provides just enough infrastructure to allow its citizen bikers to bike it year-round. And since the Wolves suck, no worry about drunk Jefferson fans.

Anyhow, Yglesias, we wish you the best on your winter commute. And we're just a little miffed that you passed us up for freaking Denmark. But if you ever wander up north, give us a holler... we'll gladly pedal down Hennepin or any other street with you, just so long as those streets are not in Cleveland.

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