Matt Erickson, Minnesotans for Trump spokesman, has bad Facebook posts


Donald Trump hasn't brought his terrifying and terrifyingly successful political act to Minnesota yet, and he won't be here before Minnesota's Republican presidential caucus on Tuesday. Trump, who has now rattled off three straight primary wins, has events booked in Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky today and tomorrow, which means his performance with Minnesota Republicans will be based on reputation alone.

Organized Trump campaign activity in this state only got off the ground in early February, according to the Star Tribune. But the campaign is finally here, and, on Friday night, supplied a handpicked spokesmen to the TPT Almanac show on local public television.

That guest, Matt Erickson, was introduced by host Cathy Wurzer as a "volunteer coordinator" for the Trump campaign in Minnesota. In keeping with that job description, Erickson almost immediately volunteered that he was betting on a Trump victory in 2016. Literally. 

"I supported Trump since July," Erickson said. "Back then, everyone said he was a clown, right? Shares on Trump were trading at, like, two cents on the dollar for gambling. I bought in very early, and I'm very happy that I did."

The admission that a political activist is actually gambling on the outcome of election results is not all that common. But Erickson seemed perfectly sincere while saying it. And the gambling-on-Trump theme is a pretty regular feature on Erickson's Facebook page, where he keeps his friends and followers updated on the state-to-state odds one can get betting on Trump. 

Some of his other posts are even more interesting. Erickson, like Trump, is brash, and unafraid to offend — not even his fellow Republicans, whose favored candidates he frequently goes after by sharing an insulting meme. Here's Erickson giving a line of attack against Florida GOP U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, whom some see as Trump's strongest challenger still in the race. (Some opponents, especially Trump fans, have begun spreading the rumor that Rubio has lived a "secret gay lifestyle" in the past.)


It's not going to end well for the pool boy.

Posted by Matt Erickson on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Erickson doesn't care much for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, either. Here's what looks like — we hope, given its quality — a meme that Erickson crafted himself. 

Ted's wife said she saw the face of God. Now we know what she meant!

Posted by Matt Erickson on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Here's Erickson's view of a Trump-centered future for American politics. In some pretty heavy-handed symbolism, the Confederate flag is pulled down in favor of a gay pride flag. (Boo?) That flag is then pulled down and replaced by a picture of Trump's face. 

Unsurprisingly, Erickson's pretty down on President Barack Obama, too. In this post, Erickson compares the president to a monkey.

"Man is a political animal." ~AristotleJeb Bush - PlatypussDonald Trump - Bald EagleHillary Clinton - Unpecked...

Posted by Matt Erickson on Thursday, February 25, 2016

And in this one, Erickson introduces a meme based on The Walking Dead, imagining the moment when Donald Trump shoots Barack Obama in the head.

Bring back jousting.

Posted by Matt Erickson on Monday, February 22, 2016

In what looks like practice for his punditry gig on Almanac, Erickson provides a fascinating theory on race and immigration. It's his explanation for why Donald Trump performed well with Hispanics in Nevada, despite there being "2 open-border Cubans" in the race.

Trump won the Hispanic vote in Nevada over the 2 open-border Cubans, Cruz y Rubio. Immigrants are typically the...

Posted by Matt Erickson on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Erickson does not just reserve his hot commentary for politics. In a post about  Rob Thomas, lead singer of Matchbox 20, apologizing for his use of the phrase "black Australian" onstage, Erickson writes:

What a bitch. What happened to MY people? Goddamn. I need a drink. I know how the Aborgines feel now. In fact, this is their time to strike back. One primal scream at the white man and he will collapse into a puddle of nothing.

In another, about Sports Illustrated's plus-size cover model Ashley Graham, he says it's wrong for the magazine to promote a "fat" woman, adding, "She would look better thinner. Back to the gym Ashley."

Then there's this one, where Erickson makes a joke about the debate over allowing in refugees fleeing foreign wars. The subject of Erickson's joke is Holocaust victim Anne Frank. So edgy.

Anne Frank asked to crash in my attic once. I said no. Anne Frank could have been a 77 year-old woman living in my attic. Just remember that blah blah blah blah...

Posted by Matt Erickson on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Note that all of these posts (and many others) have appeared on Erickson's page within the last week. His commitment to communicating his thoughts — if that's the right word for them — as soon as they come to him makes him a very prolific poster. There's an unfiltered, unvarnished quality to it all that reminds one of... well, of Donald Trump.

Still, we wonder if the Minnesotans for Trump campaign doesn't wish it had picked a different guy to be the face and voice of the campaign on Almanac.

What do you think, Matt? Wanna bet?