Matt Entenza defends Robyne Robinson in Star Tribune op-ed

The right pick?
The right pick?
Photo: Stephen Stephens

As DFLer Matt Entenza rolled out Robyne Robinson as his his running mate in the 2010 governor's race last week, we winced.

Robinson got to boost her own profile on Fox 9 in the waning days of her employment, stomp all over journalism ethics by playing both sides of the street, fight a Twitter war and make a whole lot of nothing over a Greyhound bus ride.

We also wondered whether she had the chops to fill the running mate/lieutenant governor role.

So did the Star Tribune editorial board. "The problem is that this isn't a time for frivolity in vision-challenged Minnesota," the editorial said. "And Entenza's selection of Robinson certainly seems designed only as a bid for attention."

In other words, where's the wonk?

On the DFL side, Margaret Anderson Kelliher picked Minnetonka city manager John Gunyou as her running mate. And Mark Dayton named Duluth State Senator Yvonne Prettner Solon as his choice. Republican Tom Emmer will run with conservative think-tanker Annette Meeks

Today, the Strib gives Entenza room on its op-ed page to defend his gambit:

She arrived in Minnesota 20 years ago on a Greyhound bus and, through dedication and hard work, became one of the most trusted names in news. She built a successful small business and is active in the community, sitting on boards of organizations that work to reduce teen violence and lend assistance to those stricken with disease. She is a tireless and effective advocate for the arts.

Again with the bus?

Read the whole Entenza piece here and see if you think he made the right choice,

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