Matt Damon acts destitute in Minnetonka for a good cause [VIDEO]

Matt Damon plays a jobless man from Minnetonka in a new PSA for Feeding America.
Matt Damon plays a jobless man from Minnetonka in a new PSA for Feeding America.

Being an unemployed husband, and father of two kids, is no laughing matter. But Minnetonka's Steve Gallagher and Hollywood hot shot Matt Damon have teamed up for a PSA on fighting hunger that tries to offer a smile along with a serious message.

Damon, dressed like he just walked out of Fleet Farm rather than a Jason Bourne movie, in a ball cap, t-shirt and tan jacket, filmed the TV spot in Queens, N.Y. -- evidently the producers couldn't find a suitably gritty urban backdrop in the western 'burbs. Acting out Gallagher's story, he talks about the embarrassment of having to stop by the local food bank for provisions, while coping with hundreds of job application rejections.

Then Gallagher enters the picture, dressed identically to Damon, and offers the box office king a few acting pointers. Damon feigns outrage, then they stroll away.

The PSA was produced by Feeding America, which hopes that as you chuckle over the ending, you'll donate to their serious cause.

"The whole strategy of the campaign is to make people aware it is not the stereotype of hunger of the past. It's hard-working people in the community, it's children, it's the working poor. The whole idea is that this is closer than you think. It's 1 in 6 Americans,'' the Ad Council's Heidi Arthur told MinnPost.

There's more on Gallagher and his family on the Feeding America website.

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