Matrix Lee Faces Felonies for Shooting at Como Lake Purse Thief

Matrix Lee has been charged with two felonies -- Dangerous Discharge of Firearm and Reckless Discharge of Firearm -- for firing his .40 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun at a woman who stole his fiancee's purse at St. Paul's Como Lake.

According to the charges, Lee, 50, and his fiance were sitting on a bench near Black Bear Crossings on the lake watching ducks on Monday when he noticed a woman exit his Toyota 4Runner carrying his fiancee's purse. The door of the vehicle was unlocked.

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"Lee immediately got up and ran towards the woman in an attempt to get his wife's purse back," the complaint continues. "The woman drove at Lee and turned to drive through the parking lot. Lee yelled for the woman to stop and she lifted her arm in the air making some sort of gesture."

Concerned she might shoot him, Lee grabbed his gun, inserted a magazine, and fired at the vehicle. He didn't hit anything.

"Lee ran towards the fleeing car and saw the driver raise her right hand and give him the middle finger," the complaint says. "Lee was angry and fired an additional shot at the car."

As you'd expect, bystanders in the bustling parking lot called 911. One witness told police she was backing out when she heard a large pop and stopped her car, thinking one of her tires might've burst.

"Suddenly, a white car went screaming out of the parking lot and sped north on Lexington Parkway," the witness told investigators, according to the complaint. "A man ran up to [her] car, used the hood of her car to take a steady shooting platform, and fired one round at the fleeing white car. The man yelled, 'You fucker!'"

The witness "was so frightened by the incident that she fled, but she returned to the scene when she realized that police would want to talk to her," the complaint continues.

As he was leaving court yesterday, Lee, who has a valid carry permit, said, "Bad guy walk away and the good guy go to jail," Fox 9 reports.

"I don't shoot directly at the person," Lee told Maury Glover. "I shoot the car tire. I know exactly where I shoot. It not go near anyone."

But Ramsey County Attorney John Choi told Fox 9, "Just because you have the permit to carry doesn't give you license to fire it recklessly in our community."

Each of the charges Lee faces carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. To read the criminal complaint for yourself, click to page two.


Lee Charges

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