Massive opposition to taxpayer-funded Vikings stadium

If this morning's Minnesota Poll is accurate, roughly 70 percent of Minnesotans are opposed to their tax dollars being used to help Zygi Wilf pay for a new Vikings stadium.

Would the result have been different if Brad Childress and Brett Favre hadn't guided the team into a ditch last year? We ask, because the poll also showed majority support for public money having been spent on Target Field, where the Twins did not suck in 2010.

The poll results, published by the Star Tribune this morning, were culled from a telephone survey last week, before Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak announced a proposal to help finance a massive retrofitting of the Metrodome.

Massive opposition to taxpayer-funded Vikings stadium

The survey found that most Minnesotans think it's important to keep the team in the state, and most said they saw nothing wrong with the Vikings continuing to play in the soon-to-be repaired Metrodome -- something the team's owners say they refuse to do after this season.

Interestingly, the poll also shows that more Republicans than Democrats favor spending public money on the new stadium.

Either way, at least the poll breaks through the press coverage of the stadium debate these past few weeks, in which the sentiments of actual taxpayers have taken a back seat to stadium boosters and the bidding war over where the stadium might eventually be situated.

But even this morning's Star Tribune relegated its own poll story to below the fold on newsstands, while playing up the bright, shiny object:

Massive opposition to taxpayer-funded Vikings stadium

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