Massage therapists sue Favre: Comment of the day

"Kind of lonely tonight. I guess I have bad intentions," Brett Favre allegedly said in a text to one of two massage therapists in 2008, when he and they worked for the Jets.

For that and other messages, and losing their jobs, the two women, Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole have sued the quarterback, the New York Jets, and a jets employee.

Give them their day in court, commenter "Christopher London" writes.

"Our heroes are imperfect," he says. "Deal with it. Don't debase these women until they have a hearing."

Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to the play in the NFL; an iron man with a drive, determination and intensity you rarely see even at the most elite levels in professional sports and he did it well beyond where more mortal men shut it down for good. His only life plan seemed to be to play football until he could literally not walk back out on the field, regardless of how many cortisone shots, pain killers, endless massages and/or physical therapy treatments it took. A good ole boy, revered byfootball fans across the country, so why should anyone be surprised that he crossed the lines of decency with regard to the lower level female minions who were there to 'soothe the pains' of the annointed gladiator? Likewise, why would anyone not take seriously the claims of women who knew that they would likely be dismissed by more powerful folks above them seeking to protect the value of their enterprise and marquee player? Is this perhaps hard to believe? Or let me ask, is it not even harder to believe that the Jets would not have wanted to keep him around for Insurance unless they knew something? Maybe in the confines of some small town Brett could could have gotten the coverup treatment Big Ben Roethlisberger did in Georgia with some good ole boys in the Sheriff's department. In NY? Keep dreaming. The animal is out of the cage and some victims got bitten. Our heroes are imperfect. Deal with it. Don't debase these women until they have a hearing.

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The Favre File:

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