Mason Seckar killed boredom with hundreds of crank cop calls on Skype

Seckar tells "Inside Edition" he was bored.
Seckar tells "Inside Edition" he was bored.

Here's the kind of thing Mason Seckar does to alleviate boredom from his home in Oshkosh: Without giving his name, he calls St. Augustine, Fla., cops to say that he's in a green Chevy on I-95 with Minnesota plates, and his "little girl is puking."

And then he says his middle name is "this is a stupid asshole" and "I love little white girls" and "I have a gun" and "I'm going to kill you all."

So the local cops, who might have otherwise been needed to help truly sick kids, or bust real child molesters, dutifully race to the scene to find no car matching the description given the dispatcher.

There were other calls, too. Hundreds of them.

Seckar's now just part of the freak show.
Seckar's now just part of the freak show.

In one to Rice County, Minn., deputies, he says he wants to be a school teacher, but he's worried that he'll "make inappropriate advances toward the young girls." In another he says he's in a St. Augustine McDonald's bathroom with his "5-year-old girlfriend."

What a joker Mason Seckar is.

We first heard about this guy in March, and about how he thought he could get away with making hundreds of crank calls to Minnesota and Florida cops by concealing his identity on Skype. But thanks to some basic cyber gumshoe work, authorities tracked him down after a couple of months.

Now the 20-year-old guy has gone from being the target of federal investigators to joining the ranks of TV tabloid cannon fodder. He'll be on "Inside Edition" tonight, wedged in between stories about the mom who pumped her 8-year-old beauty queen daughter with Botox, and the skeletal woman who once weighed 300 pounds before anorexia set in.

The show asks him why he was such a knucklehead. Seckar says, "I was bored."

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