Mary Franson upset by "offensive" anti-Gulf oil spill House prayer

Rep. Mary Franson -- she of 'food stamp recipients are like wild animals' and Earth Day is a "Pagan holiday" fame -- may have outdone herself today with her reaction to House chaplain Rev. Grady St. Dennis' prayer.

In commemoration of the second anniversary of the Gulf oil spill, Dennis prayed "for the ability to take care of [God's] creation above our own needs, recognizing we have struggled to be good stewards."

Franson's response? (Buckle up!) "House floor prayer today may as well been dedicated to Mother Earth, coincidence? I think not." She characterized Dennis' offering as the second "offensive" House prayer this session, the first occurring during gay advocacy group Outfront Minnesota's lobbying day at the Capitol.

Courtesy of the Strib, here's a complete transcript of Dennis' allegedly controversial sermon:

Mindful that today marks the second anniversary of the oil explosion in the Gulf that erupted into one of the worst man-made disasters that our nation had ever faced and this Sunday, April 22, we celebrate Earth Day, I offer the following prayer. Let us pray. Creating and redeeming God, You spoke and there was light that shaped the world out of nothingness. From the ground of the earth, you formed people, trees, animals, all to be part of earth's community. The Gulf oil spill revealed our interconnectedness with all of your creation. When the Gulf suffered, so did we suffer. We pray for the ability to take care of your creation above our own needs, recognizing we have struggled to be good stewards. Continue to teach us how to care for your world and to be stewards of your creation. Amen.

Bradlee Dean it ain't, but Dennis' homage to our role as stewards of the earth was apparently enough to offend Franson. She offered up this tweet just before lunch:

Shortly thereafter, she shared this tweet -- originally directed toward former vice president, inventor of the internet, and environmentalist Al Gore -- with her followers:

So let's see if we can get this straight -- Franson is offended because... Dennis suggested that it might be a good idea for humans to take care of the planet? Next thing you know, Minnesota's Next Michele Bachmann will be taking to Twitter to express outrage when she sees someone drop a bottle into a recycling bin.

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