Mary Franson thinks City Pages blogger should blame his rent increase on Gov. Dayton

Franson blames it on taxes. We think the unfettered free market has a little something to do with it too.
Franson blames it on taxes. We think the unfettered free market has a little something to do with it too.

We've had more than our share of fun with Mary Franson, so it's hard to blame her for counter-jabbing when the opportunity presents itself.

-- Spiros Zorbalas, the former slumlord of South Mpls, still flying his private jet
-- Gov. Dayton's deputy chief of staff wants Mary Franson to read the damn budget proposal

Over the weekend, Franson let the world know who she thinks is to blame for a certain City Pages blogger's dramatically rising rent -- and it isn't the landlord.

Here's the backstory -- I rent in a building that used to be owned by Spiros Zorbalas, also known as "The Slumlord of South Minneapolis." As we've reported, under pressure from the city, Zorbalas recently sold off his rental empire. My building was purchased by The Apartment Shop.

On Saturday, I received a letter from The Apartment Shop informing me that on April 1, my rent will suddenly be going up 15 percent -- if I sign a new one-year lease (I'm currently month-to-month). If I don't sign a lease and elect to continue renting month-to-month, my rent will be increasing by an astronomical $145 per month.

"As the new owner of your property, we are increasing rents to a level that is more in line with the market," the letter says. Thanks guys!

Anyway, the news prompted me to take to Twitter with this plea for help:

And here's how Franson -- one of the most outspoken critics of the tax increases on the wealthy included in Govenor Dayton's proposed budget -- responded:

Actually, I blame us for my plight. After all, if we hadn't done that cover story about "The Slumlord of South Minneapolis" five years ago, Zorbalas might not have been under pressure to sell and I might not be facing the prospect of trying to find another apartment under duress in one of the worst rental markets in the country.

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