Marvin Hill Arrested for Assaulting His Pregnant Wife With a McChicken

Marvin Tramaine Hill is not a fan of McChickens

Marvin Tramaine Hill is not a fan of McChickens

Instead of being grateful when his pregnant wife woke him with a delicious McChicken, Marvin Hill threw the sandwich at her and later smashed the bun in her face, according to a police report.

Des Moines police say Hill then called 911 to report that she assaulted him, but the cop who arrived on the scene wasn't buying it.

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The rest of the story, according to the report:

Hill's wife woke him up and gave him the McChicken around 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, before the couple was scheduled for an ultrasound appointment. After Hill threw the sandwich he followed her into the bathroom, recording her on his phone.

Hill's wife smacked the phone out of his hand and ran out of the house, which is when Hill decided to call the cops.

An officer spotted Hill's wife walking down the street with mayonnaise still on her shirt from the sandwich toss while responding to the call, and brought her back to the couple's house.

After questioning both parties the officer decided Hill was the aggressor and arrested him for simple domestic assault.