Martha Stewart appreciates our giant ball of twine. Are we missing something?


Martha Stewart loves finding "good things" and she's added twine to the list. And she has some kind of interest in Minnesota "largest Twine Ball in the World made by one man".

We must be missing something. We've never had the urge to drive out to Darwin to visit a 17,400-pound twine ball in its own personal gazebo.

Martha Stewart's assistants called the Darwin Twine Ball Museum this morning to talk about things you can do with twine.

More from the Star Tribune:

"They're doing a segment on 50 things you can do with twine and that gave me a chance to talk about the twine ball," said Roger Werner, shortly after his 15-minute phone interview with one of Stewart's producers "They knew all about it, so you could tell they did their research."

Werner said the producer told him the interview would be aired on Stewart's show in the next few days, but couldn't be more specific. A call to Stewart's production company wasn't immediately returned.

Werner said he thought twine was good for bailing hay and "helping my great grandchildren tying it to a washtub so they can drag it around the yard."


The call came at the perfect time for the museum. Saturday is Darwin's Twine Ball Day. And if you want to try and beat out the Darwin twine ball, get your own starter kit. The museum asks: "What more could uncle Jo want?"

We were wondering the same thing.