Marsenior Pede Johnson found guilty for stabbing Mpls parks cops

A jury found Johnson guilty of second-degree attempted murder.
A jury found Johnson guilty of second-degree attempted murder.
Creek Photo: Mark Gstohl, Flickr.

The man charged last summer for luring two Minneapolis parks police officers near Minnehaha Creek and stabbing them was found guilty of second-degree attempted murder Friday.

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Last August, Marsenior Pede Johnson, 39, called 911 and reported being robbed at knife point for $300, asking officers to meet him at Minnehaha Parkway and Bryant Avenue South.

Officers James Huber and Katherine Hammes responded to the call, and arrived to find Johnson near a walking bridge with one hand in his pocket, apparently favoring his right side as if he'd been injured, according to the charges. Johnson also made a mention of being jumped by three guys.

The officers ordered Johnson to show his hands, but Johnson ignored them, and continued walking toward Huber. When he got too close, Huber tried to push him away, but Johnson pulled a knife from his pocket and thrust it toward the officer, striking him in the chest. Because he was wearing an armored vest, the knife didn't penetrate his skin.

Johnson then turned toward Hammes, stabbed her in the upper back and knocked her over. Johnson straddled Hammes, and Huber fired off three shots at Johnson and stopped him.

"I wanted to hurt some cops," Johnson told police after his arrest, according to the charges.

The trial lasted almost two weeks, and in addition to attempted murder, the jury found Johnson guilty on two counts each of second-degree and first-degree assault. A second phase of the trial begins next week.

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