Marlon Lozano-Montano pleads guilty in shooting that paralyzed 12-year-old Guadalupe Galeno Hernandez

Eighteen-year-old Marlon Lozano-Montano, the guy accused in January of being the triggerman in a screwed-up drive-by that left a 12-year-old girl paralyzed, is going to spend the next 13 years of his life behind bars.

He pleaded guilty today to first degree assault for the benefit of a gang, and will be formally sentenced on July 15, following a deal approved by by Judge Janet Poston.

Police say Lozano-Montano and two other Sureno 13 gang members were riding in a car on Chicago Avenue South last November when they thought they spotted rival gang members on the street.

Shots rang out from the car, but instead of hitting the intended target, one of them struck Guadalupe Galeno Hernandez as she stood outside a friend's house.

She's been paralyzed for life.

Casey Michele Walters was charged in January for being the driver of the car. Lozano-Montano was arrested the following week.

The shooting happened in the 3400 block of Chicago Avenue South:

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