Mark Swanson, purple sombrero-wearing Vikes fan, allegedly knocked out Green Bay man

Swanson allegedly served a five-knuckle sandwich to a Green Bay man while wearing a purple sombrero.
Swanson allegedly served a five-knuckle sandwich to a Green Bay man while wearing a purple sombrero.

Green Bay-area police on the lookout for a purple sombrero-wearing Vikings fan who allegedly knocked out a Green Bay man following Sunday's game ended up finding him behind a Kmart.

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Mark Swanson, a 40-year-old resident of Lakeland, Minnesota, was arrested and charged with a felony count of battery for his role in a 30-person melee fueled by the NFC North rivalry.

Swanson allegedly cold-cocked 50-year-old Paul Hrubesky of Green Bay during the fight, knocking him out and leaving him bleeding from the head. Eric Dunning, public safety chief in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, told WTAQ radio Hrubesky was "an innocent bystander" who was simply attempting to break up an escalating fight between Vikings and Packers fans outside the Sideline Sports Bar in suburban Ashwaubenon.

"He was trying to be a Good Samaritan," Dunning said.

Swanson fled the scene after allegedly knocking Hrubesky out (Hrubesky ended up being hospitalized). But police got Swanson's description from others at the scene, asked for help finding "a man wearing a purple sombrero," and Swanson was arrested behind Kmart a short time later (it's unclear whether he ditched his distinctive hat sometime in between decking Hrubesky and turning up behind the big box).

Dunning said that while NFL-related violence is rare, it is a public safety issue in his corner of the Land of Cheese.

"That is a concern and it is a public safety concern," Danning said. "There are rivalries out there and there is chest thumping and a lot of bantering back and forth. But this is unusual."

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