Mark Nelson squeezed a baby until its ribs broke

Mark Nelson: Pick on someone your own size.

Mark Nelson: Pick on someone your own size.

The human body has 24 ribs, and Mark Nelson allegedly squeezed a baby so hard that 22 of his broke.

Nelson's been arrested and charged in Washington County for the horrific crime on the baby, which is actually his girlfriend's son. Nelson, 32, took his anger out on the baby, 0, after an argument with the child's mother. He told police that he squeezed the baby boy until he heard a "crack."

Deep breath. It gets worse. Nelson didn't tell the mother what he'd done, and when she noticed the boy falling ill, he said he was sure the baby would "get better.'

Now Nelson's in serious trouble, and so's the baby, which was last known to be in intensive care with critical injuries to his organs, according to the Pioneer Press.



The full extent of the damage, as detailed in the PiPress, is shocking: Nelson caused 37 breaks in the boy's ribs; the boy was hemorraging internally; his liver and lungs were bruised; he had damage to one eye. When the mother first brought her baby to the hospital, doctors thought he had pneumonia.

Nelson also told cops that twice after his attack the baby stopped breathing. Both times Nelson revived the boy by plugging his nose and blowing air into his mouth.

Nelson faces a first-degree felony assault charge, and his bail has been set at a massive $200,000. If convicted, he could get a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.